Legal Online Poker For Nebraska Residents

Nebraska is one of the few less-than-friendly American states when it comes to poker. There are documented attempts of the state banning gambling altogether, but since poker is a game of skill rather than chance, you might safely consider it an exception to the rule. The information presented on this website will brief you on the state's gambling laws and the loopholes in the system.

Is Poker Legal In Nebraska?


Given the rather harsh set of laws against offline gambling, it may come as a surprise that the Criminal Code doesn't talk much about wagering money online. The state has yet to update their gambling laws to address the online issue so, as for now, it's perfectly alright to play poker online. As a matter of fact, we could safely assume that it's the only way you can play legal poker as a Nebraska resident.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Nebraska Residents

There are too many Internet casinos out there that accept players from Nebraska, but a lot of them are either blatant rip-offs or simply not worth joining. We have gone through a huge list and came with a list of the best ones on today's market.

BetOnline Poker - If You Live In Nebraska, You Are Welcome Here!

BetOnline is by far our top preference. Even though they don't offer the best bonuses (only 25% of your first deposit, up to $900), their wide range of services and enthusiastic support department is well worth every penny. They aren't just a poker room; they also offer a full-fledged sportsbook as well as any casino game you could think of. Top that with a huge range of payment methods and you get the best poker room ever!


SportsBetting Poker - One Of Fastest Growing Poker Sites For Nebraska Players

Online poker for Nebraska residents is a serious business and there is no one more serious in the business of online poker than SportsBetting. This site is by far the most professional of all of the online poker destinations and the king of hosting high-profile players. America’s elite choose to play here and hone their card playing talents to be as sharp as possible for the highest winnings on the web. Featuring every name in the game whether it be Texas Hold ‘em or a hand of Stud, players keep coming back for more for a variety of reasons. Having been in business for quite a long time, SportsBetting makes no qualms about knowing what is most important to the professional American card player. Winnings and payouts. This online poker room is one of a kind in offering its loyal members the astonishing ability to make completely 100% free withdrawals from their accounts once a month. This is far superior to any deal floating around out there as far as real poker players are concerned. Locals of the Cornhusker State are wisely signing up to take advantage.

Nebraska Poker Laws

Is it legal to play poker at home in Nebraska? Technically, no. But the legal system in Nebraska is aimed at organized crime, so authorities aren't likely to come after you if you're hosting a friendly round of poker with your friends on a Saturday evening.

What the law says, however, is that both the players and the host can be held accountable for "promoting gambling", and penalties vary with the amounts wagered. If you bet up to $300 in a twenty-four hour period of time you risk being charged with a Class II misdemeanor and, if you go over the threshold, you can face a Class I charge. Harsher punishments may be applied for the hosts of the games.

The only way to be 100% on the legal side is if no one makes a profit from the game – neither money nor other valuables. In other words, it's perfectly alright to play for "Monopoly money". On the bright side, online poker laws in the US are changing all the time and it may be completely legal and regulated in Nebraska before you know it.


Is it Legal to Play Land-Based Poker in Nebraska?

Nebraska may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to gambling action and that may in fact be rightfully true during the modern times. But at one point in history, Nebraska stood out on the plains as a mecca for bettors and risk takers nationwide. It is said by some that at one point in time, Omaha was the gambling capital of the nation as a Las Vegas type center for all gambling and gaming activities. Obviously, the name of the poker variant ‘Omaha’ likely sprung out of the rabid poker games which took place in this wagering town of the past and the poker game still exists today as a leading favorite among players the world over. Unfortunately, poker in the state of Nebraska is much less prominent during a social conservative renaissance as all gambling and table games are completely outlawed. There are no exceptions to the laws in place; one may not even play a hand of poker from the privacy of their own home without technically breaking the letter of the law. Although quiet poker games likely take place and are rarely investigated or raided, there is very little Omaha being played anywhere in or near Omaha. Even the general exceptions as in other states such as tribal casinos are not allowed to host any sort of table games. Including poker.

Where To Play Land-Based Poker in Nebraska?

The simple answer for Nebraska residents and visitors alike is that you cannot, under any circumstance, in any location or casino, play poker for money. A sad and sharp period-mark placed heavily on the statement, “NO.” Even charitable events that are allowed under state law does not include poker under its umbrella which is entirely limited to bingo, raffles and keno. For residents of the Cornhusker State, the only option available for playing a game of Omaha is to simply hope that no one is watching and the players are among trusted company with no whistle-blowers present. It is true that there is very little record of any enforcement, investigation or prosecution on recreational card playing and that the odds are in favor of the players for being left alone, but bear in mind that it is in fact illegal and that perhaps a trip across the border into neighboring states is the surest and safest way to get on top of the felt with your chips in the pot. Legislation still seems quite a ways off for residents of Nebraska to expand upon gambling laws as the last chance for voters failed in 2012.

Note: The information presented herein shouldn't be regarded as advice about playing legal online poker. We are not legal counselors, but a team of poker players who wanted to explain some of the facts the mainstream media didn't cover properly. If you need further information do some research on your own or consult with a lawyer specialized in Internet laws. All of the sites that we list are among the very best online poker sites that accept US players and we know that they are trustworthy website..

If you want to play legal poker online for real money or even just to practice, BetOnline is the best choice for all Nebraskans. We've played thousands of hands at BetOnline and can attest to the high level of software used in running their legal poker site. We love Nebraska and want Nebraska residents to play online poker safely. To do so, you must to do it at BetOnline poker site.